Remarkable video catches four Richmond drivers blowing red lights in 10 minutes

Graeme Wood - Richmond News


[UPDATE FEB 9: Red light runners were actually undercover cops]

A Richmond driver has posted a video on YouTube showing a remarkable four vehicles blowing red lights within the span of 10 minutes in the east Cambie neighbourhood Jan. 31 at 9:30 a.m.

YouTuber am0s.x shows dash-cam footage, beginning at Bridgeport and Simpson roads, or a dark grey sedan turning into the oncoming lane and then casually passing through the intersection against the red light.

Then, 10 minutes later, while driving southbound on Shell Road, he stops at Cambie Road against a red light only to have a silver Toyota Highlander pass his vehicle on the left side and swerve into oncoming traffic turning left northbound on to Shell, from Cambie. The Toyota dips through the traffic and proceeds southbound.

A more dangerous manoeuver takes place when a grey Honda Accord and black Honda Pilot follow the Toyota seconds later.

Were the vehicles’ drivers together and in a hurry to get somewhere or evade someone, or were the last two simply following the lead of the Toyota?

Questions have been posed to the Richmond RCMP, including what recourse police may take granted the licence plates have been published online.

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