This might be the most unique date destination in the Lower Mainland



This year, celebrate love with a BANG.

Shooting Range Gun
Photo: Pixabay

Dinner and a movie, drinks at a noisy bar… is “date night” starting to feel a little stale?

Whether you’ve just met online or have been in-love for years, your dates should be exciting, engaging and most of all, fun! So, if you’re tired of the same old, same old, maybe it’s time to give DVC Indoor Shooting Centre a shot.

Now hear us out, we know that a gun range may not sound romantic, but it actually makes for an incredible night out. Here’s why:

It’s got serious “wow” factor

DVC Indoor Shooting Centre
Photo: DVC Indoor Shooting Centre

Ok so you take your date to a movie; even if it’s a great film, you’re still sitting silently in the dark… Is that how you want your love life to be? DVC Indoor Shooting Centre offers couples a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that will definitely make for an unforgettable date night.

Never visited the gun range before? DVC Indoor Shooting Centre is extremely welcoming to new visitors and first time shooters. Their highly trained Range Officers will ensure that you feel totally comfortable, well prepared, and safe throughout your entire visit.

You can share a new experience together

DVC Indoor Shooting Centre
Photo: DVC Indoor Shooting Centre

Learning a new skill helps bring people closer together. Some couples take a cooking class; others hit the links, but the gun range blows both of those away. Together you will learn the ins and outs of gun safety then it’s out to the range to encourage each other to hit the targets or perhaps, to engage in a friendly wager to see whose aim is better (we’ll leave it up to you to set the stakes).

Also, did we mention that it’s indoors? Making DVC Indoor Shooting Centre the perfect cold-weather date.

It’ll give you something to talk about

DVC Indoor Shooting Centre
Photo: DVC Indoor Shooting Centre

Great dates rely on great conversations. If you tend to be shy or don’t always make the best first impressions, opt for a date that’s an experience in and of itself! DVC Indoor Shooting Centre gives couples plenty to talk about, laugh about and experience together both during and after the actual range experience.

Date night not exactly on your radar? DVC Indoor Shooting Centre also makes a great night out with friends. You can find information on group booking HERE.

DVC Indoor Shooting Centre opened their doors to the public in 2007 and is the Lower Mainland’s premier indoor shooting range. Their professionally trained Range Officers will ensure your experience is fun, memorable and totally safe. First time shooters are always welcome.

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