Local artist creates giant public colouring book art project (PHOTOS)


When the public is invited to collaborate on an art project, the results can be pretty impactful–not to mention colourful. Local glass artist Aurelia Bizouard is the creative mind behind a “live light painting” which is like a giant public colouring book that’s wrapping up Monday in Vancouver.

Located inside the atrium at Woodwards in Gastown, Bizouard has set up this collaborative painting on a wall by first creating an image on a panel of glass, through which light is aimed, projecting the pattern on a wall or canvas. Then, people are invited to fill in the lines, like a colouring book, with paint.

Light is projected through glass then the outline is painted on the canvas (@uareliabizouard/Instagram)

Bizouard has done her “live light painting” previously in Los Angeles, and at her Vancouver studio. The Woodwards Atrium project launched February 28, and there have been several open sessions for the public to join in and pick up a brush–the last day is Monday, March 5 from noon to 5 pm.

In her artist’s statement, the French-born Bizouard explains what’s behind her “live light painting” projects:

“The question we always try to ask is how to connect people with art? I believe this can happen by providing an immersive experience at a venue to unify people around art. The concept of playing with light and colours invites people in an interactive art piece: they will discover how creating could impact their life and how it could bring people together.”

Artist Aurelia Bizouard in front of her canvas (@woodwardsvancouver/Instagram)
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