Hipster steer manure is raising funds for a local school’s sports teams


Lay down some steer poop in the garden for the kids! Shutterstock photo

When I received a cold-call email from the Dr. A.R. Lord Parent Advisory Council this week it immediately brought back memories of a film I saw when I was a kid. Kidco was released in 1984 and was about some entrepreneurial kids who get rich selling manure.

East Vancouver PAC of A.R. Lord is a hardworking one, and they’re currently raising funds for this year’s sport teams.

One part of that fundraising is a Kidco-like fundraiser happening this weekend; they’re selling poop. Hipster poop for a savvy, urban customer, to be specific. Poop for you.

This “Hormone and antibiotic free, locally-produced, 15-years-composted” steer manure is being sold at a mere $5 per 5-gallon bag. And while they do offer delivery they’re encouraging you to bring your wheelbarrow and pick it up yourself.

Your garden and the kids will thank you. You can learn all about it and pre-order via an online form HERE.

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