Fanatical birder photographs 54 species of birds over 3 days in Vancouver


Ottawa-based photographer birder and photographer, Laura (AKA The Afternoon Birder) leads a pretty great life.

She spends a fair bit of time traveling around the world chasing birds and photographing them, then sharing on social media channels (you have follow her on Instagram at @TheAfternoonBirder).

Not only does she chase and photograph our feathered friends but she helps others enjoy birding through informative posts to her website.

A red-tailed hawk at Boundary Bay. Photo @TheAfternoonBirder

Laura recently blessed the Lower Mainland with a trip here, hitting up the George C Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Stanley Park, and a number of other spots where birds are known to do birdly things.

She lucked out with the weather during her trip here as she happened upon that days-long window of sunshine that you probably already forgot about.

She managed to shoot 54 species of birds in only three days! And of course the benefit that we readers get from her trip is a wonderful gallery of images. Read about her adventure and see all the photos HERE.

When you’re done, make a point of getting out and viewing some of these birds yourself.

Photo @TheAfternoonBirder