Hole lotta repairs: City to fix 46,000 potholes in Vancouver this year

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According to the city the average coast to repair a pot hole is $12.50 to $13.50. Photo iStock

It’s that time of year again — pothole repair time. City of Vancouver crews are beginning the annual job of filling in thousands of cavities in the roads. Check out some of the latest information from a city update:

46,000: the number of potholes the City of Vancouver expects to fix this year. This is fewer than in 2017 thanks to a milder winter.

$12.50 to $13.50: the average cost to fix a single pothole.

$720,271: The highest amount the city spent on pothole repair in recent years. Due to an unexpectedly harsh winter, 60,782 were repaired in 2017.

– In 2016, 34,121 were repaired for $450,598
– In 2015, 33,432 were repaired for $341,411
– In 2014, 32,050 were repaired for $367,694
– In 2013, 27,199 were repaired for $347,500
– In 2012, 36,841 were repaired for $491,901

1,445: the kilometres of roads and bridges the city maintains in Vancouver. Potholes typically form on older road surfaces due to freezing and thawing weather. Over time, water freezing and expanding in the pavement weakens it and causes it to crack. The weight of vehicles passing over top can then break the material and displace it, leaving behind a hole.

48 hours: The turnaround time for permanent repairs is less than 48 hours. Crews are available around the clock for emergencies, according to the city. If an area is scheduled for other works, a temporary fix may be completed until the planned work is done and the area is repaved. The city priorities repairs for potholes locate in high traffic areas and those likeliest to cause damage or injury.

Vancouver residents can report potholes using the city’s VanConnect app. Find “pothole repair” under streets and sidewalks. Requests can also be submitted through the city website or via a tweet.

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