Fan website tracks Vancouver filming locations with “sceneframing” photos


Everyone’s seen Vancouver in the movies. Whether it’s shrouded in sci-fi mystery or the backdrop for a soapy teen thriller, “Hollywood North” is where Vancouver takes a star turn. While tracing locations has been the pastime of many a fan over the years, there’s a website that walks viewers through locations by doing something visually awesome called “sceneframing.”

Sceneframing is basically showing a location shoot in the context of the actual location. This is done thanks to technology these days, with a still from a scene held up on a tablet or similar screen device, perfectly aligned with the real-life everyday location.

The site Fangirl Quest is based in Finland, but they’ve spent time in Vancouver “sceneframing” shows like the re-booted X-Files and Arrow, movies like Deadpool, and more.

The X-Files Vancouver location guide was published late last fall, and includes sceneframing from all over Metro Vancouver.

fangirl quest xfiles vancouver filming locations

Fangirl Quest posts the images to their social media platforms, as well as on their site. They have an interactive map showing several major movie and show filming locations in Vancouver, too.

Check out a few more of Fangirl Quest’s Vancouver sceneframing shots:

Supergirl at Bloedel Conservatory (@fangirlquest/Instagram)
Deadpool in Vancouver (@fangirlquest/Instagram)
Arrow in Vancouver (@fangirlquest/Instagram)
X-Files at Elements Casino, Surrey (@fangirlquest/Instagram)