Watch a video shot from space showing a float plane landing in Coal Harbour


Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shared an interesting video on Twitter this week.

Shot from space by a company called Planet, it’s a small sampling of what they have on offer.

Planet is a private organization that maps the entire earth via satellites every single day. Their Explorer platform allows everyday users to log in and poke around recent and not-so-recent imagery, digging into archival photos and videos.

A Linkedin profile is required to sign up for free trial accounts where there’s not a ton of functionality. The platform is geared towards people using satellite imagery in a professional capacity.

I logged in and poked around a bit and was able to see Kinder Morgan’s terminal before and after they installed their aggressive razor wire fence in Burrard Inlet. The image on the left was shot three months ago and the one on the right was captured yesterday.

Before and after the razor wire fence that Kinder Morgan installed in the inlet

While the platform isn’t ideal for the average internet user their social media is something you might want to follow. Videos and photos of our world from above are posted to their Instagram and Facebook accounts daily.