Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM is going off the air as of April 30th


Photo Roundhouse Radio

It was just announced that Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM will be going off the air as of April 30th, 2018.

The independent station brought a refreshing collective of voices to Vancouver’s airwaves over the past two and a half years, broadcasting a variety of different perspectives and countless community stories from their studio in Railtown.

Once employing more than 30 people, as Janice Ungaro and Cory Ashworth broke the news on their show they noted that it was hard for the station to compete with corporate competitors.

The pair went on to speculate that the decision by directors and investors (which was brought to the staff today) was made because they “can’t keep up” as an independent.

Ungaro made a point of saying how “stoked” she was to have been a part of something that was truly independent, where they were given a lot of leeway to speak freely and share stories that might not be heard elsewhere.

They stayed true to their “Our City, Your Voice” mandate and will certainly be missed when they shut down at the end of this month.

We’ve reached out to station manager Don Shafer for comment and will share more news as we receive it.

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