LETTER: Thank you to the person who found my keys in Pacific Spirit Park

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This morning I was walking my dog Ginger with my friend and her dog. I parked near the 33rd and Camosun entrance, locked my card and we proceeded to do our usual 6km route. When I returned to my car, I could not find my car keys and there was a hole in the bag I carry for treats, tennis balls and poop bags. So, I retraced my 6km route again and inquired with all whose paths I crossed to see if they had seen a set of keys with a turquoise heart shaped key fob. An hour later, I returned to my car and there were my keys placed in the car door. I was so relieved as I would have had to walk home another 3km to procure the back up key. Of course, my two year old Golden Retriever enjoyed the extended walk and I got in a good 18,000 steps before noon! I just wanted to thank whoever found my keys and left them with my car. Your kind action saved me a lot of further hassle.

Best regards,


Send V.I.A. a letter to contact@vancouverisawesome.com