Exploring the screen printed political art coming out of Mount Pleasant

Written by Vitoria Monteiro


In the lead up to ROVE the Mount Pleasant art walk coming up on May 25th we are going to introduce to you to some of the artists, galleries and curated spaces that will be taking part!

Work by the MNSTR Gallery duo

Today we are excited to share that MNSTR Gallery will be opening their space to ROVE. Let’s get to know them below!

MNSTR (pronounced Monster), is run by the creative duo Ben and Oli, aka MR/MRS MNSTR, some of their interests include: Photography, Animation, Graphic Design, Screen Printing, VFX, Marketing and Curation. Situated in a Mezzanine loft located in Mount Pleasant, MNSTR Gallery is the creative sum of people, a multi functioning artistic space accommodating production and exhibition of local + international artists, collaborative, group and individual productions.

Work by the MNSTR Gallery duo

Here is what they had to say!

ROVE: Describe your work in a few sentences?

MNSTR: Political and social commentary depicted through digital illustration and prints produced by the hand pulled silk screen printing method.

ROVE: What can Rovers expect when visiting your location?

MNSTR: A fun collection of opinionated narrative driven silk screen prints, 15% discount for ROVERS, 50% discount for ethereum payments,  and complimentary drinks.

Work by the MNSTR Gallery duo

ROVE: What’s the best thing about being an artist?

MNSTR: My favorite part about being an artist is seeing the different reactions on people’s faces when they see my work, be it happy or offended, invoking an emotion is my greatest reward……. and maybe also the odd sale here and there.

ROVE: What work of art do you wish you owned?

MNSTR: Anything Warhol would be amazing, his work has influenced me immensely.

ROVE: Where’s your favourite place to see art?

MNSTR: Boutique galleries and artist studios.

ROVE: What’s the weirdest thing you ever saw happen in a museum or gallery?

MNSTR: Nothing in a gallery surprises me.

Come check out MNSTR Gallery at ROVE!

Come see in MNSTR in person at ROVE and follow their work at www.mnstrgallery.com or @mnstrgallery

ROVE is run by artist, Jamie Smith founder of THRIVE Art Studio.THRIVE is a community of local female artists who support each other on their journeys to become the artists and people they most want to be. Located at The Profile on Thurlow, THRIVE is home to THRIVE Mastermind, THRIVE Talks and the THRIVE Network.

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