Nominate a family to win a $15,000 window renovation courtesy of Centra



Photo: Centra Windows

Whether gazing at a view or letting the light pour in on a sunny afternoon, windows are one of those feature that make a house feel like a home.

To help B.C. homeowners, the Centra Cares Foundation is asking residents to nominate friends, neighbours and families who are in need of a little help. The lucky winner will receive a full house of brand new Centra windows, valued at $15,000.

To nominate, please answer the following questions on the Centra Cares website or Facebook page. You can nominate your family too!

• How will this impact them if chosen?

How has this family impacted those around them?
• What does this family mean to you or the community?
• Why are you or the person you are nominating deserving of this prize valued at $15,000?

Photo: Centra Windows

Nominations will be accepted until May 31, 2018. Make sure to share your nomination on social media after you post it!

This year’s prize follows a similar initiative last year, which received an overwhelming response from families from all over B.C.

“We had an overwhelming response of entries coming from all over BC, a lot of them from families nominating their loved ones. Some nominating a neighbour or a friend, but the one thing that they all had in common, they truly cared about the person that they were nominating.”

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This contest is being run in accordance with the Centra Cares Foundation’s own rules and regulations.