North Vancouver crews rescue man from Lynn Canyon

North Shore News


North Vancouver crews perform a high-angle rescue, lowering firefighters to the floor of Lynn Canyon. photo supplied, @DNVFRS

The sun is out. The temperature is above 20 C. And in North Vancouver, the sound of sirens can be heard rushing toward Lynn Canyon.

District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services crews are warning the public after a creek rescue on Saturday marked what they expect is the start of a busy season.

Crews were called to the canyon around 5:30 p.m. by a man in his early 20s who found himself trapped on the canyon floor with rushing water blocking his escape.

District fire sent their high-angle rescue team to lower themselves down to the man from the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, rig him into a harness and then hoist them 50 metres back to the bridge.

“He was in good spirits – no injuries. But basically he was unable to make his way up on his own accord safely,” said assistant fire chief Walt Warner. “He made the right call by asking us for assistance instead of putting himself in further danger.”

The warm weather drawing people into the mountainside parks also means snowmelt at higher elevations, making waterways like the Capilano River and Lynn Creek swollen and turbid.

“This is the beginning of the season. Our assumption is people will be enjoying that recreational area properly. And if somebody does get into trouble, then we’re there to help,” Warner said. “But we do want to make sure they stay within the boundaries and enjoy the areas properly and make sure that they are safe.”