Vancouver entrepreneur creates hangover cure that’s 100% natural


Another entry from the wild world of Kickstarter campaigns…

Well, we’d be lying if we said this wouldn’t come in handy every now and then…

Destroy Hungover Mornings (DHM) is a local company that claims to have created a 100% natural cure for last-night-was-so-fun-but-so-not-worth-it style hangovers.

The key ingredient is Dihydromyricetin, which is found in two plants that grow in Asia. Dihydromyricetin breaks down the toxic byproduct of alcohol — acetaldehyde — and has been used in Asia for centuries to fight alcohol’s negative effects. Together with milk thistle, prickly pear extract, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (amino acid), electrolytes and vitamin B complex, the herbal supplement is optimized to drastically reduce hangover symptoms.

“DHM allows us to enjoy our nights and still maximize productivity the next day,” says Nishal Kumar, DHM’s founder and local Vancouverite.

The company’s Kickstarter page recommends you take DHM around the time you think to yourself, “this is going to hurt in the morning”. According to DHM, you’ll wake up refreshed, revitalized and ready to conquer your day. No more eating takeout in your pyjamas, at least not with a headache.

You can visit DHM’s Indiegogo campaign to learn more.

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