Chinese-Canadian artist’s oil painting exhibition opens in Vancouver


Oil Painting: The Dressing No.2 by Xue Yanqun. It presents the charm and grace of Chinese women in a “East-meets-West” context Photo Poly Culture North America

Chinese-Canadian artist Xue Yanqun is displaying 25 of his paintings at the Poly Culture Art Center in Vancouver.

The exhibition opened on June 12 and is called The Lingering Charm: Oil Paintings by Xue Yanqun.

The artist immigrated to Vancouver in 1997 and the painting subjects range from traditional Asian female figures, to people he met in daily life, to homeless strangers in the Downtown Eastside.

Photo from Poly Culture North America

He combines the characteristics of early Italian Renaissance painters with Chinese classical painting techniques and his art has been exhibited around the world since 1984.

“As the gateway to Pacific, Vancouver is the perfect city to connect two worlds,” says Poly Culture North America CEO Chen Yi in a release.” Mr. Xue’s work is ultimately an examination of the change, transition and reconstruction of his cultural identity as an artist, and an immigrant as well. It provides newcomers a special perspective to recognize our shared values and experiences and see this city we call home now.”

The exhibition will be on display until September 12 at the Poly Culture Art Center at 100-905 West Pender Street.

Poly Culture North American plans to organize events around the exhibition such as artists seminars and workshops. Visit their website for more details.

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