Vancouver’s best haunted house has been assessed at $1,120,400


Photo Bob Kronbauer

Recently assessed at $1.12 million, the creepy old rundown house at 3395 Charles Street has an odd draw to it. Boasting some serious Boo Radley charm, it’s the best “haunted” house in the city if you ask me.

The 4 bedroom home (not technically haunted) was constructed on a large corner lot in 1930. Inside were once more than 2,000 sq ft of living space and, like many older buildings, it only has one bathroom.

3395 Charles Street on Google Maps

In 1965 Rupert Park – directly in front of this place – was set aside for public use. Were it not it would’ve had a view of a shopping mall, not a pitch n putt golf course.

The land it sits on was assessed at $1.077 million in 2017. The structures themselves (the rickety house and the not-as-rickety 2-car garage behind it) were somehow valued at $43,400.

It was last sold for $250,000 in November of 1984, roughly around the same time that the Yellow Pages phone book that currently sits on its doorstep was relevant. If it goes up for sale any time soon it’d likely be listed for around $1.4 million.

Photo Bob Kronbauer

Murky requirements for real estate ownership reporting in B.C. makes tracking down the owner difficult. However I did find out that a salvage permit for the property was issued by the City of Vancouver to someone named Joe Chow in April of 2017. I found Joe’s home address in the City’s permitting records but couldn’t find a phone number for him. It’s unclear if he’s the owner or simply an agent who was working to get the salvaging done.

Post-salvaging it got new plywood installed in the doorway and upper windows. This August 2017 Google Street View of it below allows you to look into the windows if you zoom in, showing a bit of the frightening walls. It also shows the City-mandated fencing that protects the trees around structures like this one.

I’m still digging in and will hopefully be able to track down the current owner, then take you inside this place before it either gets renovated, falls down, or is demolished. Stay tuned.

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