COPE’s mayoral candidate steps aside after suffering a stroke

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Former city planner Patrick Condon during a press conference in June, 2018. Photo Dan Toulgoet

Two medical emergencies have now sidelined political hopefuls leading up to Vancouver’s election on October 20th, 2018.

This morning COPE’s likely mayoral candidate, Patrick Condon, released a statement saying that he had suffered a stroke on Tuesday.

Much like Taleeb Noormohamed’s campaign for Vision Vancouver’s leadership was torpedoed by a “sudden cardiac event“, Condon stated that his doctors have advised him to rest and that “I must end my nomination campaign as a mayoral candidate for COPE”.

Council candidates Jean Swanson, Anne Roberts, and Derrick O’Keefe will remain in the race, and it’s unclear if COPE will put forward another mayoral candidate. A meeting will be held on August 19th where the membership will decide what path they’ll take.

No snark from this column today. Here’s wishing Patrick a speedy recovery.


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