UPDATED: Nickelback’s lawyer who deleted his Twitter following offensive tweet speaks out


Jonathan Simkin

Self-described as “Canada’s Greatest Indie Music Label”, Vancouver’s 604 Records might have a new title to claim: “Home of Vancouver’s Greatest Social Media Blunder of 2018”.

More than 3 months after the 2018 Juno Awards took place, 604 Records’ co-founder Jonathan Simkin (whom you may know better as Nickelback’s lawyer) made the bizarre decision to take to Twitter to air a grievance about them. He seemed to have an issue with the choice of performers at their awards ceremony.

Judging from this tweet he sent out (screen grabbed below) he had a problem with how inclusive the national music awards program was when it came to the talent they had booked.

Deleted tweet from the deleted account of 604 Records’ Jonathan Simkin

Some people who follow music in Canada, as well as some artists, took offense to Simkin’s tweet which has since been deleted. In fact he deleted his entire account.

A quick glance at the lineup of artists on Simkin’s label shows that at the time of this writing they seem to represent 38 white people and 8 visible minorities. While it’s not The Inclusive 46, it’s not an entirely white roster.

It’s unclear if there’s anyone with a disability on 604 Records, unless a lack of appreciation for inclusivity of all races and people with disabilities at the Juno Awards would be considered one. If it is, Simkin might be eligible for assistance under BC’s Medical Services Plan.

I reached out to Jonathan to clarify what he meant by his tweet, which seems to have been the impetus for him deleting his account. He has yet to get back to me.


Jonathan gave me a call soon after this was published, a few hours after I reached out for comment. I had assumed he didn’t want to speak about it, and was wrong about that.

He tells me the reason he deactivated his Twitter account was that the tweet “snowballed” and people immediately jumped to calling him a racist.

He plans to apologize to the people he has offended, and explain his position.

He says that the tweet was meant to point out the fact that “When decisions are made just on the colour of someone’s skin, that scares me.”

Simkin’s second-in-command at their label is a woman, third-in-command is a black woman.

When making hiring decisions or looking at artists to represent, he says he “couldn’t give a fuck about somebody’s colour or gender”, and that he judges people on their merits.

Simkin also has a child who is legally blind, with special needs.

We will publish his followup piece and his apology on V.I.A. after he has written it.