This local lottery winner’s first purchase was a Slurpee


People often muse about the first thing they’d buy if they won the lottery – chances are, a Slurpee wouldn’t be high on the list.

However, that’s exactly what Richmondite Wayne Martin did to buy himself a moment to let the realization sink in that he’d just won the $7 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot.

Richmond’s new millionaires, Wayne Martin and Sandee Towers

Martin – who bought the ticket at the 7-Eleven on Granville Avenue – will share the June 27 jackpot with wife Sandee Towers and their four children.

“I buy every week, it’s just a natural thing,” he said of playing the lottery.

“I looked at the numbers but it just didn’t compute. I got a Slurpee, and went back and checked my ticket again.

“Then I took a picture and bought my other tickets.”

Martin, however, decided to surprise his wife, who was on vacation in London, England, with two of their children to share the news, face to face.

“He said, ‘remember how we wanted to buy a Jeep? Well now we can,’” said Towers.

“I asked him what he was talking about and he showed me a newspaper article about a $7 million ticket sold in Richmond. At first, I just didn’t believe him and thought it was a joke.”

The Richmond couple said they looking forward to spending more time with their children and buying a house in the B.C. Interior.

“We’re a close knit family, pretty quiet,” Towers added.

“We like to spend lots of time with our children. We’re both just so excited. This win takes so much pressure off of our family.

“We can help our children, savour a slower pace, do more of the things we love and just enjoy being together.”

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