“Organic free-range comedy” is a thing and it’s happening in Vancouver



Vancouver, you’re kind of predictable. It’s kind of funny.

Early morning yoga on the beach. Pretending that kombucha is the best hangover cure, when all you really want is a patio with bottomless mimosas. Consuming a steady diet of organic coffee and $12.00 avocado toast (breakfast), grab n’ go sushi (lunch), rosé or craft beer accompanied by anything as long as you can Instagram it (dinner), followed by artisanal ice cream. Changing your opinion on bike lanes, depending on who you’re talking to. Getting annoyed when people don’t move to the back of the bus. Wishing we had Uber. Juggling your camping plans so that you’re still in town for the fireworks but gone the next morning.

So funny, in fact, Vancouver TheatreSports (VTS) has put together an entire show about you!

Avocado Toast – Vancouver Grown, Organic Free-Range Comedy will have you shouting ‘Bravocado!’ after every scene. Taking cues from our predictable, yet lovable (and laughable) city, locals and tourists will find the on-the-spot comedy refreshing and real. With suggestions from the audience (and so many things to poke fun at), no two shows are ever the same, which means you can spend the rest of the summer laughing. P.S. Don’t worry if you’re a little shy, audience participation is welcome but not mandatory.

This summer gut-buster runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. until September

Get a head start on the laughter with this hilarious improv sketch from VTS, as Chef Juanita shows you how to make the BEST avocado toast in the city (spoiler: the secret ingredient is laughter).

Not only does VTS have the funniest show of the summer, they also have a show every single night of the week-each one funnier than the last. Take a peek at their laugh line-up.

Avocado Toast Thursdays through Saturdays 7:30 p.m.

VTS’s newest feature show takes an affectionate and comedic look at what makes Vancouver so unique, poking fun at YVR and its stereotypes. Beneath the glossy surface lies a complicated and eccentric city ripe for parody.

TheatreSports Mondays through Wednesdays 7:30p.m., Fridays and Saturdays 9:30 p.m.

Relying on razor sharp wit and lightning fast reflexes, two teams of performers are pitted against each other in a competitive improv matches. Scenes are fueled by audience suggestions, and the winner is yours to judge.

Ok Tinder Wednesdays 9:15p.m.

The good the bad and the laughable of Vancouver’s dating scene in 60 minutes of sidesplitting laughter.

Mixed Improv Arts Thursdays 9:15p.m.

Improv Directors face-off, putting a team of improvisers through a set of grueling and hilarious improv formats.

WTF: What the Fun! Fridays and Saturdays 11:15p.m.

Enjoy 60 minutes of fast paced, no-holds-barred comedy inspired by quirky stories found in weekly on-line news.

Rookie Night Sundays 7:30p.m.

Catch the stars of tomorrow before they become famous. Enjoy 90 minutes of classic games and new formats.

With all these chances to laugh, you have no excuse to not make a night of it. Enjoy some pre-show drinks in VTS’s Neil McCrae Bar & Lounge with beautiful marina views, get your laugh on, grab a bite (pro-tip: bring your ticket confirmation, or stub, to The Dockside Restaurant or Vancouver Fish Co. before or after the show and receive 15% off your food), and come back for a second show (upgrade your ticket after the show for only $6.00).