Canada’s first eSports stadium will be built in Richmond

Cecilia Hua - Richmond News


Richmond is expected to be home to Canada’s first-ever eSports stadium, with an opening date scheduled for 2019.

Myesports Ventures Ltd. announced today that the arena, named The Gaming Stadium, will be a custom-built, community-driven location that is open for players for all ages and skill levels.


“We are focused on a more than top-level players or hosting major events…we are going to be the Little League, Junior League and Major League home of all things eSports in Vancouver,” said COO Matthew Low in a press release.

The location of the stadium is set to be in the parking lot space between Lipont Place and the Tim Hortons on No. 3 Road.

The Gaming Stadium will feature a large stage with seating for up to 250 spectators, a gaming area with more than 40 computer set-ups, a leisure area, a full broadcast facility and food and beverage offerings.

eSports are a form of professional video-game competition and are often performed with multiplayers in real-time.

Vancouver’s Rogers Arena will be hosting the International Dota 2, a fantasy online video game, Championships in late August, with a prize pool of $27 million.

“Pending on the permit process, we are hoping for constructions to start late this fall and for an opening date in the spring of 2019,” Spiro Khouri, press contact, told the Richmond News.

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