Vancouver lands really, really low on new “Best Canadian Cities” to live in rankings

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Vancouver often prides itself on being frequently ranked one of the world’s best places to live – but, as they say, pride comes before a fall.

That fall took Vancouver to a dismal 88th place, not even globally but within Canada, in the latest annual ‘best Canadian cities to live’ rankings by financial magazine MoneySense.

Vancouver skyline/Shutterstock

Oakville, Ontario was considered the top spot in the country to set up home, scoring high for a strong economy, great amenities and low crime. The top three were all Ontario cities, with Ottawa in second place and Russell in third. (We’re sure it’s a coincidence that MoneySense is based on Ontario.)

Vancouver didn’t even fare well when the results are isolated by B.C. cities only, coming in seventh place.

The top B.C. city to live was Fort St. John, followed by Whistler, Squamish, Delta, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. However, even Fort St. John was only 15th, with no B.C. cities making it into the national top 10.

MoneySense’s rankings offer a cool interactive feature, in which you can create your own livability rankings depending on what matters most to you.

Vancouver shoots up to the nation’s #1 spot if you prioritize a strong economy/wealth and great amenities, and de-prioritize housing affordability and low crime. No surprises there, then.

You can also delve deeper into a range of other rankings, from the best city for weather, to best for retirees, for young families, new Canadians and so on. Check them out here.