Here’s your chance to get a free outdoor chill zone for your cat


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If you’ve ever wanted to let your cat outside but keep an eye on them the solution might be to build kitty a catio or cat patio.

The BC SPCA is hosting a catio tour in the spring of 2019 and is looking for eight homeowners to participate in the tour — and get a free catio as part of the deal.

The contest is open to homeowners in the Kitsilano and Mount Pleasant neighbourhoods.

“We will provide a builder, the resources and support to eight selected residents to make their catio dream a reality,” says Marieke van der Velden, outreach specialist at the BC SPCA in a news release.

A catio or patio for cats is an enclosed area that allows cats to be outside but prevents them from running away, getting attacked by other animals and other potential outdoor hazards.

Catio’s can be free-standing or attached to your home and include perches ramps and other forms of entertainment for your outdoorsy feline.

“In addition to the benefits for the cat, catios also protect wildlife, like birds. This project will be a great opportunity to share with our community the benefits of keeping our cats and wildlife safer,” says van der Velden.

The catio tour concept came from an event held in Portland, Oregon for seven years in a row.

The deadline to apply online is September 30. If you’re a homeowner that already has a catio and would like to be included in the tour, contact