Bob’s Sub is back in Richmond


Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches has risen from the waste piles of its former No. 3 Road strip mall, which is now under redevelopment.

Mi-Yeong Lee has set up shop inside Pioneer’s Pub in Broadmoor Village and will be serving the Bob’s Sub classic sub every Saturday for the foreseeable future.

Mi-Yeong Lee is now serving Bob’s Subs at Pioneer’s Pub. (Photo via Richmond News)

The long-time proprietor of Bob’s, Lee and husband Frank Lee, were evicted in March from their greasy spoon diner, causing much stir on social media and becoming one of the most popular stories in 2018 at

“Everyone is asking, ‘Where will we go?’ He (Pioneer’s Pub manager) asked me to come here and I said I need some time. After two months, he asked me again and I said, ‘OK,’” said Mi-Yeong.

For just over 25 years, the Lees have been searing hot subs to the delight of their customer base in Richmond.

Mi-Yeong said she is still unsure about opening another permanent Bob’s Sub.

For now, she said she is working three days a week in the Pioneer’s kitchen to “keep busy” while husband Frank, her business partner, “relaxes.”

Only on Saturdays will Mi-Yeong whip up her classic subs.

Bob’s Sub customers will, however, have to pay a bit of a premium compared to past prices — $20 for a 12-inch sub and fries, or $13 for a six-inch and fries.