Here’s where to find those awesome little free libraries in New Westminster

New West Record


It’s community at its best – and there’s no surprise that it’s a concept that’s thriving in New Westminster.

We’re talking, of course, about the phenomenon that is the “little free library” – also known as the pop-up library or community book exchange.

Photo by Julie MacLellan

The little book houses have popped up in neighbourhoods all over the city, giving people a chance to donate books and take books in exchange. The city has three libraries officially registered with Little Free Library (find out all about it at, and a host of others as well.

We asked you, our readers, on Twitter and Facebook, and you rose to the occasion by sharing a long list of locations. We have to note that Sapperton and Queen’s Park areas are well represented, but so far we’ve heard of little in the downtown or West End, and no one from Brow of the Hill or Queensborough has shouted out … so please let us know if you know any from those areas that are missing.

Here’s our list to date. We’ll keep updating as information comes in, so be sure to check back periodically.


  • 309 Nootka St. – in the alley, just up from East Columbia (This one even has a Twitter account, @NootkaStLibrary.)
  • Miner Street, near the corner of Debeck
  • 400 block of Fader Street, between Major and Sherbrooke (two libraries; one for kids’ books)
  • Richard McBride Elementary School (kids’ books only), in the front garden at 331 Richmond St.
  • Sapperton Plaza, on East Columbia Street between Knox Presbyterian Church and Starbucks
  • 421 Cumberland St., at Carroll Street (two libraries; one for kids and one for adults)
  • 400 block of Alberta Street


  • Fourth Street at Seventh Avenue
  • Fourth Avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets
  • 222 Princess St.
  • Fourth Avenue, near Arbutus Street
  • Princess Street little free library
  • Sandringham Avenue, between Second and Fourth streets
  • Foot of Colborne Street, in the roundabout
  • 205 Fourth Ave.


  • Corner of Agnes and First streets (by the bus stop)


  • Bowler Street, at the alley that runs parallel to Eighth Avenue

Note: This list has been sourced in part from community suggestions and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. But if we’ve made any errors or not quite explained a location correctly, please let us know. Or if we’ve missed any pop-up libraries in your neighbourhood, please tell us. Email