5 Vancouver meal kit services you never knew you needed



How often are you ordering take out because the thought of grocery shopping pains you?

Photo: Fresh Prep

How often do you eat out?

How often do you refer to microwave popcorn as “dinner”?

Eating healthy (and not being hungry) is a priority for everyone, but to be honest, it’s way harder than any #lifehack blog post might suggest. Hey, just because you’re lacking skills in the kitchen or are short on time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your meals.

For those craving fresh foods and full bellies, this one’s for you! Here are Vancouver’s most awesome meal kit delivery services.

Fresh Prep

Photo: Fresh Prep

The Vancouver-based meal kit delivery service, Fresh Prep, helps you get fresh, stress-free dinners on the table in 30 minutes or less. No grocery shopping, zero prep, and zero food waste for only $9-$11 per serving is what we call a steal.

Fresh Prep sets itself apart from the pack by offering a weekly rotating menu with 8 recipes designed by chefs and nutritionists. The ingredients, which are locally sourced and organic whenever possible, are chopped and prepped in advance, and delivered fresh, directly to your home or office each week in a reusable cooler bag. Fresh Prep only uses meats that are free of unnecessary hormones and antibiotics, and seafood that is Ocean Wise certified.

Fresh Prep wants to offer V.I.A. readers an exclusive deal. Try your first Fresh Prep delivery for 75% off by using code SCVIA18. With this promotion, you’ll receive your first 4 meals for just $11! Visit freshprep.ca to get started.

Photo: Fresh Prep


The Berlin-based meal kit delivery service, HelloFresh, now delivers food via FedEx to your
home or work. Whip up tasty meals with simple recipes and pre-measured ingredients every week. With HelloFresh, you can choose from either a Pronto Plan, a Veggie Plan, or a Family Plan. Once you’ve selected your household size and delivery time, you can get right to cooking some tasty meals at home. Prices range from $10.83 – $12.33 per serving, and each meal is delivered to you in an insulated cardboard box with ingredients packaged individually.

Vital Supply Co.

Photo: Vital Supply Co. Facebook

Vital Supply Co. offers a menu of 100% gluten, dairy & refined sugar free, breakfast and lunch options that are perfect for any active Vancouverite looking for a midday fuel up. They’ve also got killer smoothies if that’s your thing! Vital Supply meals are pre-made, so not technically a true “meal kit”. If you’re really crunched for time and not looking to cook, this could be the solution for you.

Real Meals

Small batch frozen prepared meals made from scratch using organic and locally sourced ingredients. Located in Maple Ridge, but delivering throughout the Lower Mainland, Real Meals focuses on comfort food. Think gooey lasagna, stews, mac + cheese, soup and other hearty favourites. If you’ve got a big appetite, this might be the one for you.

Chomp Vegan Eatery

Photo: Chomp Vegan Eatery Facebook

We’d never forget about our vegan friends! Chomp’s motto is “vegan food that doesn’t suck,” and we couldn’t agree more. From vegan pancakes to soups and sandwiches, Chomp has everything your non-dairy heart could desire. If you’re super specific about your diet, you can even submit a nutritionist intake form to let them know about your dietary, health and fitness requirements.