Vancouver’s PayByPhone parking app adds Chinese language options

Vancouver Courier Staff


Vancouver drivers paying for parking using PayByPhone can now use the app in simplified and traditional Chinese. (Vancouver Courier)

Drivers in Vancouver who pay for parking using PayByPhone can now use the app in both simplified and traditional Chinese, the company announced Thursday.

“By adding new languages to the app, we have significantly increased PayByPhone’s usability across multicultural cities like Vancouver,” Barrie Arnold, PayByPhone North America’s chief commercial officer. “Drivers in Vancouver are also some of the most frequent users of mobile parking payments globally, so we are excited to meet the city’s needs.”

More than 15 per cent of Vancouver residents identify Chinese as their mother tongue.

Along with Chinese, PayByPhone now also supports Spanish and Punjabi is set to be available later this year.

In addition to new languages options, the company also recently introduced a new “Park Until” feature that gives drivers the ability to park overnight by paying for the next day’s parking in advance.

Headquartered in Vancouver, PayByPhone has been available in the Metro Vancouver area since 2001 helping drivers easily pay for parking at tens of thousands of on and off-street locations. It also sends text message reminders before parking expires and gives drivers the option to extend parking from anywhere.

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