Which Vancouver tech firms have the strongest industry connections?

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If you look at how talent and investment is found, says Steve Woods, there’s one simple rule to follow: “It’s always a connection to somebody who knows somebody.”

Woods, the co-founder and chief technology officer of Nudge Software Inc., has been poring over data from Vancouver tech companies to figure out who is best at cultivating those connections.

Hootsuite’s offices (Photo submitted)

Hootsuite, Electronic Arts Inc. and Clio are the top three performers throughout the region, according to Nudge data released August 20.

Nudge ultimately crunched the numbers to come up with a list of 50 companies that are the best at making links to the outside world.

Firms ranging in size and reach round out the top 10.

“You don’t just want the bigger companies to automatically bubble up to the top,” Woods said.

“So if you have small companies that are very well connected, they will move up the rankings disproportionate with their size.”

1.     Hootsuite

2.     Electronic Arts Inc.

3.     Clio

4.     Vision Critical Communications Inc.

5.     Allocadia

6.     Stemcell Technology, Inc.

7.     Slack

8.     Foodee

9.     Avigilon Corporation

10.  Absolute Software

Nudge’s software specializes in helping sales reps with outreach for potential clients.

The rankings were based on what the software revealed about the strength of connections at companies, such as the number of connections to outside firms and the breadth of those connections.

“Do 10 different people know the same one individual? That’s less interesting than 10 people knowing 10 individuals,” Woods said.

“The companies that are best set up for success are the ones that have put in place the philosophies and the system, the encouragement to enable their teams to build that web of relationships.”