Breathe easy Vancouver — our air quality advisory has been lifted

Vancouver Courier


Rejoice Vancouverites, and breathe in that immaculate ocean-fed air.

Downtown is readily visible and the North Shore Mountains once again dominate our northerly views.

This photo taken Friday afternoon shows the North Shore mountains, which had been obscured from view anywhere in Vancouver for at least a week. (Photo by Jennifer Gauthier)

For the first time in 11 days, we are officially without an air quality advisory from Metro Vancouver.

Friday’s slice of heaven comes courtesy of cooler marine air blowing in west off the Pacific Ocean. The advisory does, however, remain in effect for the eastern Fraser Valley, including Agassiz and Hope.
Ironically enough, Metro Vancouver set a dubious record just yesterday (Thursday, Aug. 23) for the longest continuous period of days with advisories.

The 11-day window running Aug. 13 to 23 was the longest streak of advisories since the 1980s, when air quality models and projections were standardized. Last year set the record for most air quality advisories, as 19 were issued over 12 months.

This year has seen 18 advisories, and we’re bound to see more given the hundreds of fires still burning throughout the Interior, on Vancouver Island and in Washington State.

“While these fires continue to burn, changing weather conditions have the potential to bring wildfire smoke into the region again,” a Metro Vancouver news release states.

Environment Canada is forecasting light rain for both Saturday and Sunday, before sun and temperatures and in the low 20s return at the onset of next week.