Tips for crossing the border this Labour Day long weekend


Thinking of heading south of the border for the long weekend? Canada Border Services Agency has some tips to ease your travels.

With higher-than-normal traffic expected, CBSA recommends planning ahead by reviewing border wait times on its website. With multiple border crossings available, it may save time to drive to a nearby one.

peace arch border crossing surrey blaine
Peace Arch Border Crossing (davidkrug /

The Douglas port of entry tends to be the busiest border crossing in B.C. Other recommended port of entries in the Lower Mainland include Pacific Highway (one kilometre easy of Douglas), Aldergrove (20 kilometres east) or Abbotsford-Huntingdon (41 kilometres east).

As you prepare for travel, CBSA also recommends:

  • Ensuring travel documents are prepared for everyone in the vehicle.
  • Take note of your exemption limits to know how much you’re allowed to bring back over the border based on the length of your visit.
  • Keep in mind that some goods purchased in the U.S. have a surtax attached to them.
  • On your way back, be sure to have receipts for items purchased outside of Canada.
  • Don’t bring cannabis in or out of the U.S.

Download the CanBorder app for free wait times or visit the CBSA website for more information.