If you vote in Vancouver you need to listen to this podcast


On our podcast this week Lindsay William-Ross and I sit down with Alex de Boer, the host and producer of an excellent CiTR podcast you should check out.

Yes, we’re interviewing a podcaster in our podcast, and the conversation is one you’ll definitely want to listen to if you vote in this city.

You’ll also want to subscribe to Seeking Office, the podcast we’re talking about in this episode of our podcast.

Alex de Boer in the V.I.A. Podcast studio (Bob Kronbauer/Vancouver Is Awesome)

We also get into the important issue of depressing versus uplifting lunch rituals. The Vancouver filming locations in the Netflix movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is discussed. Finally we finish off with information about the mayoral debate we’re co-hosting with Business In Vancouver and the Vancouver Courier.