Marriage proposal written in the sand found by drone flying over White Rock

Bob Kronbauer / Martha Perkins



A marriage proposal made in White Rock yesterday was discovered in an odd way, not by its intended audience.

Dave McCullum says he and Melissa Klebe were out in the bay kayaking on Saturday and decided to come in for lunch. That’s when they came across an intricate drawing in the sand. He knew he was onto something magical so “I launched my drone and recorded it.”

“Will you marry me Christina” is shown etched in the video below, around two turtles who appear to be holding fins.

As McCullum flew the drone in for a closer look, the words “she said yes!” became visible.

The sand drawing was created by Instagram’s @pierdoodles. An artist whose works have beautified the beaches of White Rock before, he had been asked to draw the proposal by the groom-to-be.

McCullum had never seen @PierDoodles work before and was thrilled by both the artistry and the “yes!”

For those who also like happy endings, here’s McCullum’s video.

This story originally appeared on V.I.A. on September 9. Martha Perkins of the Vancouver Courier added to the story the next day. We will let you know more details as we continue tracking down details of the proposal.