Vision Vancouver’s mayoral candidate has dropped out of the race


Ian Campbell photo Vision Vancouver

Vision Vancouver’s mayoral candidate, Chief Ian Campbell, has withdrawn from the race.

According to a statement he has “reflected on the political landscape and [his] complicated personal journey” and decided to drop out before the September 14th deadline for the party to file his nomination papers.

More to come on this story. His full statement is below


I’ve come to a very difficult decision that I want to share with people — a decision that may be a surprise to many. I am withdrawing my name from the race for Mayor of Vancouver.

With the deadline quickly approaching to formally enter the race, I’ve reflected on the political landscape and my complicated personal journey. When I put all these pieces together, it seems clear that the best choice is for me to withdraw as candidate for Mayor of Vancouver. I want to thank my family and supporters for standing beside me throughout this entire journey and effort.

This is not a decision I’ve taken lightly. I’m proud of the ideas I’ve brought to the table and the platform we’ve developed with our remarkable team of candidates and members. I know the talented, passionate and diverse group of Vision Vancouver candidates running for council, school board and park board will deliver on this bold agenda. Each one of them deserves your vote on October 20.

I remain committed to this beautiful city and I will continue to be actively involved in city-building and addressing the complicated issues facing our communities. I continue to believe that Vision Vancouver is the party where thoughtful, progressive and community-minded people come together to make our city a welcoming home for everyone. I am proud of the party, grateful for their support and I wish all Vision candidates well in the coming race.

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