Our exit interview with the Vancouver Courier’s retiring Editor-in-Chief


Martha Perkins is retiring from the Vancouver Courier. Photo Bob Kronbauer

The Editor-in-Chief of the Vancouver Courier, Martha Perkins, is retiring after a lifetime spent in community news. We interviewed her on our most recent episode of the Vancouver Is Awesome podcast, below.

Martha has become somewhat of a mentor for the us two hosts. The V.I.A. newsroom is in the same building as the Courier’s, we work together on a number of different things day to day, and we’re sad to see our colleague go. We’re happy for her though! In this wide-ranging talk we discuss her career, what’s changed in journalism, and what’s next for her.

We also discuss the black market for stolen cheese in Vancouver, Mark Brand of Save On Meats now being called a “homeless drug addict” in the media, and the hilarious sign at Templeton Park in East Van.