Pay it forward Wednesday with $1 drinks at Vancouver coffee shop


A “pay it forward” chain will happen Wednesday, September 12 at Nemesis Coffee in Vancouver’s Gastown, which means you can buck up $1 to buy a drink for the person behind you–and enjoy the drink the person ahead bought for you.

Sponsored by United Way of the Lower Mainland as a way to promote acts of “local love,” and the way that small actions foster connections and improve our communities.

Nemesis Coffee Vancouver
Nemesis Coffee (Photo courtesy United Way of the Lower Mainland)

Everyone who says yes to surprise the person in line behind them will contribute to United Way’s goal of engaging one million people in acts of local love, by 2025.

“To reach our goal, we’re teaming up with influential local partners like Nemesis,” said Michael McKnight, President & CEO United Way of the Lower Mainland in a media release. “Nemesis is hub for community champions, game-changers and creatives – the kind of people with the power to transform their communities for the better. We know acts of local love here will inspire countless more.”

Earlier this month, Untied Way teamed up with mobile vendor Johnny’s Pops to hand out free popsicles to Metro Vancouver residents at various locations.

The pay it forward coffee chain will run from 10 am to 1 pm Wednesday at the popular Gastown cafe, though it will only last until there is a break in the line, or if a patron chooses not to participate.

Nemesis Coffee is located at 302 West Hastings Street in Vancouver.