This Tinder-inspired quiz tool claims to find your dream Vancouver mayoral match


Politics is a lot like dating, and in Vancouver we know both leave a lot to be desired. If you’re on the fence at all about whether your swipe leans left or right in the upcoming civic election, there’s a new online tool that, just like Tinder, tries to match you up with your dream mayoral candidate.

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Powered by the data-collectors at Toronto-based Polltivia, before you can “swipe right” on your true municipal leader love you will first need to answer some basic questions about the issues that matter to you most. They’re also running matching quizzes for elections in cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and more.

The quiz covers hot topics like housing, poverty, transportation, taxes and cost of living. While perhaps not the best first date conversation material, it’s definitely the kind of stuff you’ll need to be on the same page on with your life partner–err, new mayor–to help get your future on the right track.

The poll collects data on gender, age, income bracket, whether you rent or own, if you voted in the city’s last election and asks which candidate you feel most aligned with before moving on to the results. You know–all the things you need to know about the future Mayor of Vancouver, and your dream guy or gal.

Really, minus the car selfies, it’s not all that different from online dating, right? Of course, unlike on Tinder, picking a mayor does require committing a little more long term than a lot of those first dates last. Sometimes that walk of shame lasts years.


So far, the results don’t seem to be all that helpful, sadly (sound familiar, singles?) based on our informal research, as the results showed left-leaners (and right-leaners, too) should be planning a meet-up come election day with a candidate that doesn’t actually mesh with their politics.

But if you’ve got a few minutes to waste and don’t mind sharing your stats with the data-seekers at Polltivia, give the quiz a go.

Besides, it might give you an icebreaker to talk about on your next Tinder date.

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