The time has come to end daylight saving time in B.C., officials say


A proposal to stop observing daylight saving time in British Columbia was narrowly approved by Union of B.C. Municipalities delegates Sept. 14.

The resolution said daylight saving time and the resulting time changes twice a year no longer serves a purpose and affects people’s health when time changes.


“We think daylight savings time is past its best-before date,” said Hudson’s Hope Mayor Gwen Johansson. “It doesn’t seem to serve any purpose anymore.”

Metchosin Mayor John Ranns said the issue is one of safety for workers.

“If you get rid of daylight savings time, you’re condemning workers in the province to working longer in the dark,” he said.

Ranns said working in such conditions would increase work hazards.

The resolution was approved 52.3 per cent to 47.7 perc ent.

Premier John Horgan said the province will continue consulting with other jurisdictions before making any decisions on the issue.

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