4 in 5 British Columbians want handguns banned, poll finds


A recent poll found that the overwhelming majority of British Columbians want handguns banned in their municipalities.

The online survey conducted by Research Co. found that four-in-five residents, or 79 percent, support a handgun ban within the limits of their municipality.

What’s more, the survey found that 86 percent of residents support a ban on military-style assault weapons in their city or town.

Handgun Ban
Photo: hand gun on glass table / shutterstock

“Support for the course of action charted in Montreal is high across the entire province,” said Mario Canseco, President of Research Co.

“Women and British Columbians aged 55 and over are definitely more likely to be in favour of implementing these bans.”

The results are based on an online study conducted from September 2nd to September 5th, among 800 adults throughout the province. 

In August, Montreal City Council moved to call for a nationwide ban on handguns and military-style assault weapons.

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