Four ransacking raccoons wreak havoc in West Van home

North Shore News


A family in West Vancouver is very tired today after thwarting the efforts of a bunch of adorable ring-tailed bandits in the middle of the night.

A family in West Vancouver was awoken by a group of hungry, and noisy, raccoons last night. (Photo courtesy Stephanie La Porta)

Eagle Island resident Stephanie La Porta was woken up at 1:30 a.m. this morning because the dog was going “completely berserk.”

“I heard all this banging around and I thought, oh my god, someone’s broken in,” said La Porta.

She grabbed a flashlight, went downstairs, where her son informed her that four raccoons were ransacking her home office.

“With the dog going mental they got scared and they climbed up into the highest bookshelf,” said La Porta, who managed to snap a photo of three of them perched on the top shelf. “The mama one was down below.”

The coons likely entered the home through the basement and crawled upstairs, drawn to the scent of dog food lying in wait in La Porta’s home office, she said.

La Porta and her son managed to shoo the pesky racoons away through a side door.

“I’m very tired,” she said, before adding: “Did they ever stink!”