Metro Vancouver library makes list of world’s most striking libraries


While there are some spectacular libraries across Canada, the Surrey City Centre Library made a list of the 18 most striking on the planet.

Designed by Revery Architecture, the statuesque structure wows visitors with its incredible shape. Indeed, the end points out like the prow of a ship, which creates a modern, and extremely striking form.

The library was opened in September 2011, and replaced the Whalley Public Library. There are over 7,200 square metres of usable space spread between its four floors, and it offers over 100,000 items in its collection of print materials.

Compromised by Literary Hub, the list also includes the Library of Parliament in Ottawa. This striking structure holds over 600,000 historical texts, and appears on the back of the Canadian 10 dollar bill.

Another spectacular library on the world list is the Peckham Library in London, United Kingdom. The brightly coloured glass on this stunning building sparkles in the morning sun, as its vibrant style stands apart from the surrounding architecture.

The Biblioteca Sandro Penna, located in Perugia, Italy, houses its literature in a dome shaped structure that glows under an inky night sky. The romantic structure was named after a poet from the region.

In Japan, the Kanazawa Umimirai Library is filled with thousands of tiny little holes, which each let in the ideal amount of sunlight to fill the serene structure with natural light. As such, the comfortable environment encourages people to bury their noses into a novel in the building, rather than taking one on the go.