This Vancouver harvest moon is going to look ridiculously massive


Stargazers unite!

A glorious celestial affair takes place this week in the Lower Mainland. On Monday, September 24th, a massive harvest moon will illuminate Metro Vancouver skies.

What’s more, this dazzling lunar event takes place much lower in the sky, and therefore you’ll have a much easier time viewing it. With that in mind, the moon didn’t take any growth hormones; it’s angle in the sky simply makes it appear so big.

Harvest Moon
Photo: Harvest Moon / Shutterstock

The moon will also take on a sultry, amber hue, which is reminiscent of crisp, fall leaves. As  the event coincides with the autumn equinox, its glow embodies the change of seasons.

Stargazers should opt to travel as far away from city lights as possible in order to avoid light pollution that will obscure the clarity of heavenly bodies. While this works best the in more remote places, anywhere that has a higher elevation will also provide more ideal viewing conditions.