Someone hoarded 64 felines and now it’s raining kitties at this BC shelter


Photo: kittens / Shutterstock

The Penticton SPCA is raining cats and, well, more cats!

The shelter was overwhelmed with an abundance of the furry companions after a case of feline hoarding came to light.

In fact, over 65 cats in total were brought to the shelter. At first, the owner handed 20 of the animals over, but handed the remaining animals over the following day.

Of course, it will take some time before all of the young cats and kittens are ready for adoption; however, they will all need homes to offer them safe and healthy environments, as well as plenty of love.

Sadly, these cats have developed a great deal of the coping mechanisms that are typical of hoarded felines. As such, they may be more skittish than other cats, and they will require rehabilitation.

While the cats are in Penticton right now, they will likely be distributed among other branches. With that being said, the SPCA is grateful for any donations.

Several of the cats and kittens require medical treatment and most will require on-going care and behavioural support to help them overcome their fearfulness before they will be available for adoption.

You can learn more about adoption cats here.

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