Go alien hunting in the BC mountains on this Halloween glamping adventure


There’s haunted houses, and then there’s the terrifying world of alien wonder.

This Halloween season you can embark on the truly unknown as you hunt for UFOs under a star spangled night sky.

Groups of up to four will be helicoptered up to a remote mountain location where they’ll have everything they need packed in and setup for a night of fun!

Photo: Alien over the shoulder / Shutterstock

A pop-up glamping hotel will be ready and waiting stocked with drinks, food and night vision scopes so that you enjoy a cozy night of horror with your pals. Described as a “Butiq” level of luxury, you’ll have everything you need to be to sleep like royalty. They even offer various tent setups that provide ample room and maximum sleeping comfort.

Following your adventure, a helicopter will collect you in the morning with hot drinks and snacks and bring you back to the city for breakfast.

Unless, of course, the aliens get to you first..

Are you ready for this? Learn more here.

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