This Metro Vancouver city is hosting a giant Dinosaur party this Saturday


Dinosaurs Unearthed
Photo: City of Surrey

Stroll through the brand new galleries at Surrey’s latest prehistoric offering, Dinosaurs Unearthed.

The Museum of Surrey promises to transport you back in time as you soak in the the roars of animatronic dinosaurs, and they swoop down to look you in the eye! That’s right – this exhibit brings the towering creatures to life, so you can get a taste of what they were like in action.

This Saturday, September 29th, the community is invited to a free celebration of the museum’s opening from 11 am to 3 pm. You’ll get to explore a dig site with skeletons ranging from bird-sized dinosaurs to aquatic lizards and a 68 foot long sauropod. Further, they’ll allow you to touch fossils with detailed impressions of skulls, bones, eggs, skin and feathers.

Picture this: a massive t-rex covered in downy feathers like a duckling. That’s the latest scientific research which gears away from the vision of scaled dinosaurs and in favour of feathered beasts, which you’ll get to see up close at the exhibit.


Dinosaurs Unearthed and More

The Museum Of Surrey is located at 17710 56A Avenue, and the event is free.

Dinosaurs Unearthed runs from September 29th, 2018 – March 31st, 2019.

Find out additional event details here.