5 things you should definitely consider before buying a new camera



Photography is such an amazing way to capture life’s important moments while expressing yourself along the way. The truth is, a keen creative eye combined with the right gear can create a photo, file, print or memory that will last a lifetime.

We all have some sort of access to a camera on our phone or computer, but when was the last time you took a photo that you actually loved to look at?

Sometimes it takes the right gear to capture a moment in a way that you’ll truly cherish. So, whether you’re looking to rediscover your love for the art form, update your current rig or simply upgrade from an app, here are a few essential tips to consider before buying your next camera.

There are a few types of digital camera to choose from

There are four main types of digital cameras; point-and-shoot, bridge, mirrorless and DSLR.

Point-and-shoot are super simple digital cameras, which are generally easily rivalled by any built-in iPhone or Android camera. Bridge cameras are the next step up, offering similar internal components with better picture quality and better zoom functionality. Mirrorless cameras combine the ease of use of a point-and-shoot with the capacity for using interchangeable lenses. They’re also considerably less bulky than a standard DSLR. Finally, DSLR cameras, which require manual focus as opposed to automatic, are considered to offer the highest picture quality of the bunch. The best thing about DSLRs are that you can add separate lenses to best suit the subject of your photography.

You’ve got to think about file storage and management

We’re living in the digital age, so storage space matters! How many photos are you planning to take each week? Are you planning on taking videos?  That might narrow down the field of what will actually work for you. Consider resolution, storage and file sharing capabilities before buying, and make sure each of these are compatible with your existing computer setup.

Fortunately, a lot of new digital cameras now come in with built-in WIFI capabilities, making sharing to an online drive, e-mail or even social media account super easy. This will prevent you in having to sort through thousands of photos to delete each time you want to take a new picture.

Always try before you buy!

It sounds obvious, but the ergonomics of a camera are super important. Ideal size, weight and shape vary greatly between each person and what they intend to use the camera for. Make sure to a visit a store that will let you test out a demo model before purchasing.

Consider what accessories will work best with your brand new camera

Buying a new camera is great, but the accessories are where the fun really starts. There have so many developments in technology that now make achieving high quality photos easier than ever before. Whether it’s waterproof cases, flexible tripods, LED lights or remote triggers, getting the result you want is easier than ever.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to dip your toes into photography, make sure to consider what you’re actually going to photograph. A digital camera with a high-powered zoom function or simple auto-focus feature might make the difference between enjoying your new camera right away, or enduring a long and arduous learning curve.

The “best camera” depends on what you enjoy photographing most

While quality components matter; your lifestyle and technique will really dictate which camera works best for you. Some photographers use high-end digital cameras while others rely on drugstore disposable cameras. It’s really more about how and what you want to shoot. Great gear doesn’t guarantee a great photo, but it can sure make it easier!

Remember, if you don’t know where to start you can always talk to an expert.

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