Honour the dead at this Vancouver Cemetery with A Night for All Souls


“The departed they visit us in dreams. They glide across our memories like shadows over streams.”

– inscription on a headstone at Mountain View Cemetery

While there are a number of spooky things to do during the Halloween season, A Night for all Souls offers a totally unique experience.

For one, a walk through a cemetery is rather unsettling at anytime, regardless of the season. When you consider that the particular event takes place around All Hallow’s Eve, things are all the more chilling.

With that being said, this event isn’t meant to be a silly, spooky adventure, or even a scary one. In fact, the annual affair is considered at Mountain View Cemetery is considered a non-denominational sacred event, meant to honour souls that have passed on.

a night for all souls
Photo: A Night for all Souls

As a result, guests will have the chance to view a variety of beautiful shrines in honour of the dead. Further, they are encouraged to share personal stories and rituals, and take part in an evening of reflection.

On the first night, for example, the first fires will be lit at sundown. Following this, the cemetery comes alive with music, poetry, and flickering candles. There will be tea to refresh you, and flowers, papers and candles for the creation of personal memorials to place on one of the artist made shrines or family graves.

Led by artists Paula Jardine and Marina Szijarto, it grew out of their work together at Public Dreams, and their desire to understand the role of artists in the sacred life of the community.

The Mountain View Cemetery is located at 5455 Fraser Street Vancouver and all events are free; however, donations are welcome.

The events take place from Saturday, October 27th to Thursday, November 1st, and each evening’s itinerary may be found here.

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