Telus to spend $5M on mobile clinics serving 20,000 patients Canada-wide

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Telus Corporation (TSX:T) is expanding its mobile health clinic initiative to provide care to more than 20,000 Canadians a year.

The telecom giant announced Wednesday (September 26) it’s pledging $5 million to boost its Health for Good — or “clinics on wheels” — program.


The mobile clinics are partner-operated and are active in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Montreal.

Telus expects to expand the program further to 10 more communities across the country by 2019 and estimates it will serve 20,000 patients annually at its peak.

So far they’ve supported close to 10,000 visits from patients.

The clinics focus on patients who may be dealing with homelessness, addiction or mental health issues that prevent them from seeking out traditional medical care.

Most of the clinics are being equipped with Telus’ electronic medical record technology to assist the teams helping patients.

A typical mobile clinic includes an examination table, a blood pressure machine, harm reduction supplies and a vaccination fridge.

Support workers have been using the clinics to provide routine testing, contraception, treatment for sexually transmitted infections and mental health care.