Delta Police officer suspended during investigation of possible Police Act violations

Delta Optimist


A senior Delta police officer has been suspended and is currently the subject of a Police Act investigation.

The department is not releasing the name of the officer, but CTV News has reported the officer in question is Insp. Varun Naidu, a 25-year veteran of the DPD who ran the department’s emergency response team and in April was awarded the Police Officer Commission from the Lieutenant Governor.

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Delta Police (Delta Optimist file photo)

Naidu was taken off the job in late August as the Saanich Police Department investigates the matter.

The complaint involves Naidu’s interactions with a young woman interested in policing in the province and whether any of those interactions were in violation of the Police Act.

DPD public affairs coordinator Cris Leykauf said this is not a criminal investigation and does not involve any employees from the department.

“Another police agency is leading this investigation to ensure it is fair and impartial,” said Leykauf. “That agency has assigned a discipline authority who is in charge of the investigation. The Office of Public Complaints Commission has oversight of this investigation. Pending completion of the investigation, the officer has been suspended. This decision was made by the external discipline authority.

“Delta police cannot comment further on this matter as the investigation is ongoing and being led by another police department.”