Vancouver ranks third on Amazon’s Most Pampered Pets list


While it dropped from the top spot on last year’s list, Vancouver still placed in the top five Most Pampered Pets in the country.

The Most Pampered Pets list was compiled by Amazon Canada by comparing its per capita sales data for pet items purchased from Amazon from August 2017 to August 2018 in cities with over 100,000 residents.

What’s more, the results convey that most Vancouverites spend money on accessories for their dogs. As such, visitors will observe that the city’s pooches have some serious flair.

With that being said, the roundup factored in more than just canines. Sales data was collected from products for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals to produce the list.

In other cities, for example, residents spent more money on other types of pets. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, land-locked cities are more likely to spoil their fish with popular purchases. Popular items include aquarium décor, food, heaters, lights and more.

London, Mississauga, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Brampton take the top five spots for fancy fish.

In addition, there’s a direct connection between the size of a city and purchases on cat accessories. Torontonians purchased more feline fashion than any other city, followed by Calgary and Edmonton. 

most pampered pets
Photo: jack russell facial / shutterstock

Canada’s Most Pampered Pets

London claimed the top spot for pet purchases in the nation, followed by Calgary in second.

The top 20 cities in Canada that pamper their pets the most are:

  1. London, ON
  2. Calgary, AB
  3. Vancouver, BC
  4. Kitchener, ON
  5. Saskatoon, SK
  6. Mississauga, ON
  7. Gatineau, QC
  8. Burnaby, BC
  9. Windsor, ON
  10. Regina, SK
  11. Richmond, BC
  12. Winnipeg, MB
  13. Edmonton, AB
  14. Markham, ON
  15. Ottawa, ON
  16. Brampton, ON
  17. Surrey, BC
  18. Hamilton, ON
  19. Toronto, ON
  20. Laval, QC