A dazzling meteor shower will illuminate Metro Vancouver skies this week


British Columbian stargazers are privy to a rare celestial treat this week.

An epic meteor shower will rain from the constellation “Draco the Dragon,” and produce a number of vibrant shooting stars.

The event takes place during the nights of October 6th through October 10th. With that being said, the evening of October 8th will likely see the greatest number of meteors.

What’s more, this nocturnal affair will produce many more meteors, and well before midnight. As such, residents will be able to view the glittering goodness without having to stay up well past their bedtime.

Draconids Meteor Shower
Photo: blue sky meteor shower / shutterstock

Draconids Meteor Shower

In addition, the event will appear especially bright in the Northern Hemisphere, which bodes well for Canadians.

This is because the shower, “radiates from the fiery mouth of the northern constellation Draco the Dragon. Because the radiant is located so far north on the sky’s dome, this shower favors temperate and far-northern latitudes, such as the U.S., Canada, Europe and northern Asia,” explains EarthSky.

Furthermore, the event is made more spectacular by the fact that there is a new moon on October 9th, which guarantees an extremely dark sky during the peak night of this shower.